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No-Watch UK Limited is a Great Britain based company founded in 2012. The company produces small batch custom watches. In 2013 the company launched a new product line under its own brand: No-Watch.

Initially, two categories of watches were produced. The first category were low and medium priced, electronically-based, watches with quartz movements. These watches do not possess fascinating features as they are basically used for timekeeping. The second category is expensive, collectible watches that have purely mechanically based movements and are powered by springs. These watches have special, and sometimes custom, features.

After 4 years of producing rare and unusual watches, in 2016, the company is starting a new brand: Svalbard. These watches are inspired by the beautiful, extreme and challenging landscapes of Svalbard and are valued more for their elaborate artistry, aesthetic appeal and fashionable design, than for simple timekeeping. These Svalbard products are not actually watches with a normal, standard 12-hour dial, in the true sense of a watch. The company’s products are always unusual and non-standard, with 24-hour dials (military time), single-handed dials (12-hour and 24-hour) and backwards (reverse movement) watches that are not actually everyday use watches for most people.

Svalbard creates its class of watches keeping in mind the special features, which customers are crying out for in a personalized timepiece. To uniquely position itself in the personalized watch niche in the industry, the company carries out market research after production of each unique model. This enables the company to ascertain the complaints and feedback of customers, and build on them, for production of subsequent models, which in turn create awe and satisfaction with the customers.

It is time for you to enjoy the exclusive features of these unusual and rare watches. Make a difference, and create that aura of uniqueness around yourself, by getting one or more of these unusual and individually numbered and unique timepieces.

Collection designer: GUSTAF BERGSTRöM

Since the young age of five, Gustaf Bergstrom has followed in his father’s footsteps in appreciating aesthetic beauty. Growing up, Gustaf would marvel at the intricate architecture and small nuances in nature, which no one else seemed to notice. You could say he has been a designer ever since he was a child, but he didn’t realize it until later in life. His career truly started just after college, when he won an honorary award, in graphic design, in a prestigious contest based in Sweden. This is when he realized that his talents could truly make a difference in the world around him.

For the next few years he traveled the globe and was praised in various countries for his visually stunning art that encapsulated his love for all things beautiful. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when he was in his 30s that he developed an interest in the design of watches. Incorporating his lifelong love for nature and architecture, and the unusual facets of life, he began sketching watch designs and never looked back.

Since then, Gustaf has designed dozens of unique and gorgeous watches that are seen on the wrists of many professionals, creatives, and adventurers around the world. His designs capture every element of the world around us, making them perfect for any personality, age, and style. With a true passion for art, nature, and just living life to the fullest, Bergstrom’s profound legacy in the artistic realm is only just beginning.

Gustaf Bergström

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